"Better Homes, Easier on the Planet"

This site contains information on:
  • Designing for high energy efficiency
  • Designing a healthy home
  • Designing for efficient material use
  • Designing for low water use
  • Designing for how homes are actually used
  • ... including principles and background info

What you won't find is much of the standard architecture and construction information that is generally available in many places.  You also won't find advertising.

This site is intended for homeowners, builders and architects looking for basic green building information with the goal of greater adoption of green building techniques.

The information has been collected from many people in the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild, a large collection of green building books, and publications such as Environmental Building News.

While every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of the information in here, no one should build anything based on only the information in here. There are many places to double check information. See the resource section.